Wednesday, June 11, 2008

back again!

It’s been months since I’ve posted something right?
And during these months, my life has been one roller coaster ride! A lot has happened. And a lot has not!
I kinda experienced everything- wild moments of euphoric joy and times when I wanted to lock myself up..

Have loads of unwritten blogs stashed away somewhere in my brain.. but the circumstances(the crashing of my system, coupled with the lack of time, aided by my enormous laziness) prevented me from scribbling away in Cyberspace..

But here I am, back to putting random, clueless thoughts into my blogs, unmindful of the readers’ interests!

And guess what? I’m an IBMER now!! 28th May, right on my birthday, I entered my dream company!

Life has changed! No more bunks…… more goofing around….. formal clothes….. Responsibility…. hardwork…..

Mm naah! It’s not that depressing ;)
I’m having loads of fun!!
Some wild things can NEVER be tamed!!!

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