Friday, October 17, 2008

A shower of silver..

I’ve read about moonlight being referred to as silvery beams by imaginative creatures like me who are called poets, but experienced it for the first time. Last night, up on my terrace enjoying a few rare moments of blissful solitude. In the softness that engulfed me, I was at complete peace with myself.

For a moment, I found everything I was looking for. As the silvery folds caressed me, my fears were calmed, my emotions were soothed, I felt the presence of a dear friend whom I was missing and found the inspiration I was looking for.

Science tells us dat it’s just a huge mass of rock which revolves around the earth every 27days and 7 hrs. and a load of information like it’s full of craters, causes tidal waves.. they call it the natural satellite and it probably must have given the inspiration to man for making the artificial ones.. but who cares if it just reflects the light of another huge ball of gases? Who cares how far it from the earth and how big?? Uh-umm the geniuses who launched Apollo 11 wud’ve cared! Lolz.. and of course our very own Chandrayaan is raring to go park on it.. (wish I were on it)..

But when I’m standing up on my terrace alone , looking at it.. all this information seems to me like a load of rubbish! ;) the moon’s just a beautiful pretty light put up in the sky by nature to light up the darkened skies.. to give comfort and peace to us earthlings and to put a smile on our faces…. And yeah to inspire fantasy freaks like me to write blogs like these..

Well and last night, the moonlight I’ve been praising so much gave me a hug, whispered everything’s always going be fine and promised to bring forth a dawn of a new day with the song of the sun.. 


neha said...

abbaa bbaaabaa abbaaa....... naaku oka pata gurthuku vachindhi ee post chahdivaaka

manchukurise veelaloo......assal yemanna raasava mansii ninnaa antha silent ga endhuku unavo ardham kaledhu ippudhu ardham ayindhi chanda"MAMA" nunchi HUG teesukunandhukaaa :P assall oo range lo ga nuvvuu

Mr.Cheetah said...

Hey nice post manasa :)

and enti... night antha silent ga unnava?? evarini thaluchukuntuu :P