Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dirty unwahsed Jeans..

Bangalore’s heaven these days .. Been raining the whole week.. not the mad pouring kinda yucky rain; the nice, musical drizzling rain- the kind that makes you smile as soon as you wake up, a nice lazy smile and crawl back into bed, snuggle up into the lovely warmth of your favorite blanket, and go back into the world of dreams….
The kind that makes you want to listen to MJ’s ‘heal the world’ in full volume.. makes you miss your coffee-buddy ( every one has a coffee-buddy- somebody with whom you have awsum coffee conversations, lazy banter about nothing and everything, without a care in the world.. my coffee-buddy is a certain freak called Ezzy)

I was walkin to work today, in the cold morning, where everything seemed to be bubble-wrapped in misty damp dullness, with miniscule rain drops kissing my face and MJ crooning in my ears, very happy with the world.. I was fantasizing about bunking work and playing dirty sloshy football in the rain with my friends (BUT that fantasy will never materialize coz my friends here would NEVER bunk work!! ) .. nyways I have an extraordinary imagination and somehow the smile never left my face.. and my grin got wider when a cute somebody on the road returned the smile!

I was wearing a dirty unwashed pair of jeans today ( the rains prevent you from washing clothes u kno!) and while I was walking I slipped my hand into the pocket and hey presto! The unmistakable feel of money! There’s something extremely delightful about finding money in your old jeans .. a childish joy akin to finding a sunken treasure.. lolz..
Hmmm..This mention of treasure brings back a certain old memory..

Long long ago, when I was little, I read these books where kids go n find an ancient treasure in the middle of an adventure (remember Famous five and Tom Sawyer??) and obviously I used to fantasize about it .. the adventure held my interest more than the money( I was a silly child) ..and one summer I went to my grandmother’s place..
She had this beautiful puja-room which I loved to visit. One day I found this tiny little cupboard kind of a door in one dark corner of the room. That minute was the best, most thrilling one in my life so far!! I slowly approached it , to prolong the glorious moment and opened it with trembling fingers.. Stuck my head in and peered into it.. and got the biggest fright of my life!!!!! It was full of cockroaches.. hideous ugly scary creepy crawly absolutely disgusting ..cockroaches…

Nyways where was I? yeah.. old jeans.. That gives me an idea.. go home hunt in your old cupboards for discarded old jeans, trousers, ..whatever .. and turn the pockets out.. you might find something. ..an old love note, leftover pocket money, faded photographs.. unwanted marksheets… lots of interesting ‘maybe’s.. if u do find sumthing.. plzz lemme kno.. just scribble it in a comment here…



neha said...

an old love note?????

neha said...

I hate wen i give a comment and i get dis
"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." X(

manasa said...

sorry dear.. need to hav d comments moderated.. lotsa junglee ppl ready 2 attack..:p

Mr.Cheetah said...

Nice long, funny and real post... Naku matram eppudu money dorakaledu :( at max bus tickets dorukutai (obvious ga chinigipoinavi :p)