Sunday, November 14, 2010


Things in life just randomly keep taking sudden turns, sometimes 90 degrees turns and sometimes even a complete 180 degrees u turn.
Right after you've had a great vacation with family and friends and are super-happy, you are forced to endure a 12 hour long bus-ride which is so bumpy that it makes your stomach churn. And guess what? it's dinner-time for the mosqiutoes under your seat.
Another scenario..
You're totally bummed out with things. Work sucks, people around you are boring and there's absolutely nothing in life which is even remotely interesting. And then you receive mail - your work has been published in a book! You can't stop smiling.
Yet another sharp shift.
The course of life never lets you feel a particular emotion for too long.. When you are too tired, you come across an extremely comfortable couch, and just as you start getting too comfortable, it gets pulled out from under you.
Life seems to be a very long journey with twists and turns and tricks and treats. You need to have courage, perserverence, and yes, a sense of humour to live through it.
But then again, life also seems quite short, as for the first ten years, we are mentally incapable, next 7-8 years, emotionally unstable, and last few years, physically incapacitated.
So well, life really is a bundle of contradictions.We can't make up our mind about it.. What we CAN do , however, is to use every ounce of our potential to fully live every moment of every day.
As someone said, "Life is nothing but a bunch of well-lived days strung together".
So go write that book, go have that make-over, go form your music band and put up a show.
Just do it.

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neha said...

mansi go write that book............. WE r waiting for that .......... u n ez can do wonders .......... y dnt u both do it????