Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One day you wake up thinking it’s just another normal day. You’ll wake up, work, shirk some work and go to bed. Yet another uneventful day in an uneventful-so-far life. But well, not to be. This day shatters your dreams, make you feel utterly thoroughly useless, snatches away your happiness, scares you, threatens you , and disgusts you. The you start wondering if there’s something really bad about you and if that is the reason all these bad things happen.
Your mind and soul keep getting wrecked over n over again , until you begin to wonder if you will heal enough to dream again. You know that talking about this is not going to help in anyway, and you continue to plaster that fake brave smile on your face and behave as if nothing is wrong; as if you are not dying inside. The darkness is terrifying and you slowly feel yourself getting lost in it.

Then suddenly, call it divine intervention, or just the way you are made, you snap.

Snap completely. It stops hurting so bad. You are actually able to smile, the scream of anguish inside your head stops and you don’t need to make an effort to breathe. The fact that no one else is going to help you, inexplicably makes you tap the courage inside your heart which you never knew existed, and you know that you will help yourself. That you are brave enough to do so and smart enough to know how to. You change your current environment and the morose, toxic energy that was surrounding you dissolves and is replaced by positivity and hope. New ambition replaces the pieces of shattered dreams, and you backtrack your steps away from the dead-end and seek a new path which will eventually lead you to your destiny which lies in wait for your footsteps.

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