Thursday, July 19, 2007


sometimes, life can be as mad and meaningless as that!
according to 'the hitch hiker's guide to galaxy' (read that book b4 u die), the answer to life, universe and everything is 42. mad? exactly.

and life can be crazier than 42 even. usually it goes about its flow, happily, musically, but sumtimes it decides to jump around and leave you completely bewildered.

u convince yourself dat ur really not interested in that person. dat crush is history. and the same night u have a dram in which dat person is kissing ur friend and u wake up feeling horrible.
after being in a dilemma for many months u finally decide dat u want to do an mba and ur future lies in managemnt and suddenly the programming labs become interesting and u suddenly become super skilled in them. ur again breaking ur head...wat do i do wid my life?

a delightful friend of mine msgd me early in d morning.." just when u thought u have all d answers, life changes the questions." (hmm..nice thought, but not exactly an optimistic thought 2 start ur day with! ) anyways, that does happen. sumtimes life just doesn't make any sense, just like my blog, but still its thr and u live with it. maybe u can work hard and make it better, or just dont give it a damn and go with d flow, bcuz nothing lasts forever. it has to get better.

i now wonder, 2-3 crazy days made me ponder about life and its mysteries for a while, what must have philosophers like aristotle gone through to make it their life's pursuit! scary!

talking about life, i read this thing somewhr ( i think in a tailor's shop) :

LIFE is like a bumble bee
it has a song,
it has a sting
and ah! it has a wing!! ;)

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avinash said...

ok so here we go....wohi to mai sochunn y u acting so weird...dat book did all d damages....nd yeah its dream not dram hahahahhaa.....shows how jobless u r ....k k i knw i knw