Monday, June 25, 2007

finally, after a decade...

i've been wearing glasses for a decade now , n i still remembr the first time i wore my glasses..

'the world is so beautiful!!" i could finally see everything clearly. no more peering into my neightbours' books wen i cudnt see the blackboard, no more climbing on to the table to see the time in the wall clock. but i cudnt look in the mirror for a whole month. I thought i looked really ugly. But then slowly i got used to them being a part of my face. In these ten years, i've worn them in different shapes sizes n colors. they r the first thing i look for when i wake up and d last thing on my mind b4 i go 2 sleep. for ten yrs they've been with me, ruining my pics, preventing me from walkin in d rain (i wanted to get wipers fixed to them as a kid) and their safety has always been my top priority. coz wenever i broke my glasses ( dat has happened quite a few times) i had to spend a day or two in semi-blindness, doing nothing! i cudnt read, cudnt watch tv, nothing without hurting my eyes.

i cudnt help thinking of all this wen i got my first pair of contact lenses. finally aftr a decade, i was setting my eyes free.

n i'm not going to forget d first time i put my lenses on was a complete disaster. i went into my bathroom, n stared into d mirror, took a deep breath n took one out. it was so fragile! "i want to see!" "i want to see too!" three of my young cousins came in too, trying to peer into my face. i was nervous initially, now i was freakin out. ever so carefully, i was trying to put it on my eyeball, but it didnt want to go in. i kept trying, my eye kept watering, n my cousins kept yelling dat they wanted to have a go at sticking it in my eye. then another of my cousins drops in " hey, wats everyone doing in d bathroom?" i nearly dropped my precious precious lens. but finally i drove them all out n aftr 3-4 mins of tryin, i cud get it on properly. but now they were safely in, i cudnt take them off. another struggle for 2 mins. finally i put them aside n went to bed with blood-red , almost swollen eyes.

now, aftr a week, i n my lenses have got used to each other. but i'm not goin to look in d mirror for some days again. i see an incomplete face.


avinash said...

c u always copying 4m othters books only 4 once in ur life time learn 2 be creative nd write something of ur own....but dis seemed pretty original though !! hahahhahaaa teri izzat ki tho mainey watt laga di hahahahaaa... k k ny time ny time

manasa said...

ok.. dat was some mad freak because of whom i'm thankful for the 'moderate comments' option wich i've now enabled!