Friday, August 31, 2007


what's more important? what u think abt urself? or wat othrs think of u? idealists say- the former..but sensible ppl wud say- both!

do we need to compare ourselves with othrs always? its gud in a way dat it boosts ur competitive spirit, but the fact that thr's sumone better than u duznt mean ur not good. u can always try n beat them, but if u dont, u needn't kill urself over it.

Sania duznt stop playing coz there r some 30 odd players better than her in d world. she's gonna keep trying to be numero uno. maybe she won't. but so what??

the reason i've been thinking abt this drivel is dat i've seen a lot of this being happening. some of my friends dont take part in competitions coz they think they won't win." there are better ppl in thr!!". n i've heard ppl saying " o god they're so brilliant, so intelligent..i feel kinda insignificant in their presence!" stupidity if u ask me..

agreed! thr r always super achievers, who have gr88 acads, unbelievable intelligence, and r super popular. maybe u haven't got even 10% of their accomplishments. but that doesn't mean u insult the life u've been living. you've had your moments of succcess, built gr8 relationships, and well had lots of fun!! u have a place of your own in the world and be proud of it..well u can always try to improve urself though!

now thr's one line i so totally believe in..

" The woods would be silent indeed if no bird sang there except the best!

go sing your song now...even if your not a nightingale.


vaishnavi said...

made me think abt myself and my ambitions ..........which i lost due to fear of competition
waitin 4 more "thoughtful" blogs 4m u

avinash said...

you alright !! is d words dat hit my mind when i read ur scrap hahahahaaa.....seriously.its been a long time since i gone through stuf like dis k now seriuly down 2 business....1st if u think some 1 is better dan u u shuld give supari on his name 2 some dada or gunda if u cant take him/her down ur self.2nd i fu think u r better dan him/her den u take lite,3rd its high time u kick his/her ass if he/her is showing there brilliance .k i knw ny time ny time