Sunday, January 20, 2008


do u know why it's so hard 4 us to move out of our comfort zones n try out new stuff? (ok, i'm not talkin abt freaks or superhumans who just love doin it..just us normal ones.. )

Ever wondered why its almost impossible to acquire a gud habit or bring about a positive change in ourselves, inspite of knowing dat it's going to enrich our own life?? why in the world can't we start getting up early, or stop watching dat stupid tv, even though somewhere deep down we really want to..

It's ok..don't go blaming yourself ..we are made that's all in our genes!!
I've just learned that we human beings are genetically programmed ( i really hate to use the word"programmed" for humans, but it sorta suits here..) to resist change and maintain a state of equilibrium. This condition is evolved as a means by which our anestors could survive constantly changing conditions. I know mother nature did it for our best, but this stupid thing works even when more favourable conditions exist! that i know this what do i do..obviously, can't wait for us to evolve in order to counter this..we have evolved enough..(more than enough, look at the population explosion!!) So now it's upto us to control this thing. Ever since i've come to know about this, whenever i feel the inner inertia pulling me back from something i need to do..i find myself fighting the homeostatis thing. It's easier now for me to flex my will power.

Actually there's a way to use this thing to our advantage. When u want to create a positive life change, start acting on it until it becomes a habit, and this same homeo.. thing will make sure u keep doing it for the rest of your life!!

all the best!!

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