Friday, January 9, 2009

frog princess? lolz..

“U r like a frog in a well!!”

That’s what a friend of mine told me a few days back.

My first reaction- “whaaaat?? No way!!”
The idea was so ridiculous that I was more amused than offended.
I’ve traveled all over India,(except the northeast) and have been to a lot of places.
I’ve read about a diverse range of things, from Aztec and greek mythology to nebulae and black holes in the universe.. from detailed tales of Hinduism to biographies of entrepreneurs.. from classical literature to stupid fiction novels..
I have a lott of friends..
And I have high (almost unrealistic) ambitions..

So how the hell am I a frog in a well thingy?? I thought if this guy thinks I’m dat, maybe he duznt know me at all!! The most frustrating part was that he wouldn’t even tell me why he thought so.

Well, putting aside why he thought so… this incident got me thinking about a lot of things. True, I don’t have a closed mind, but of late, I have only been looking at things which were right there in front of my eyes. For quite a while now, I’ve completely been missing the bigger picture!
I lost a lot of precious, precious time pursuing temporary gratifications. All my plans n my dream kept tumbling down the hill, but my blanket(or should I call it a ‘shroud’?)
of complacency was so comfortable that I didn’t even care! I was happily ignoring the fact that time was running away.

I had a whole year!! A whole year to improve myself, and go chasing my dream.
But I chose to while away my time keeping my brain occupied with petty things, just like a stupid frog in a stupid well!!! Actually I’m worse coz I, unlike the frog , know that there’s a whole world outside my well, know that I desperately want 2 be there and make it big.
However, in this one year, I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve had many wonderful moments, had a lot of fun, felt very special sometimes and have been very thankful for having wonderful friends… and I do not regret any of it.. these are moments I shall cherish all my life, preserved carefully in the pages of my diary.

BUT Right now, I’m in the same situation as I was last yr… in deep mess, disappointed with myself, uncertain of the future and sick with realization of the fact that I’ve seriously screwed up one year of my life.

So am I a frog in a well?? No. I still don’t think so. I’ve made some mistakes, I took some things for granted.. but still.. no, I’m not.
Coz I’ve just jumped out of it!! :P


neha said...

hmm....evvvaaruu yemannaa manam..mana lyfff dats it....u dnt feel ur a frog in a well dat is wot matters babyy....chillll....

Mr.Cheetah said... kappa gola enti ;)
any ways.. u are not kappa in well..coz, neha said so :P

he he.. em chepalo telitam ledu ee kappa story chadivaka, but this reminded me one story, which once i got in my Mail.

after looooong search, i got it..sharing with u..

There were two frogs

One frog lived in the sea. He knew vastness, openness and fathomlessness. He was so used to bigness that the sea is, that no smallness could trap his attention.

The other frog lived in a well, not far from the sea. But he knew not what sea was. He had never seen it---not even heard of it. In his most wildest of imaginations, if at all he ever imagined, the sea was an extended well---or at the most, a 'part' of his well, maybe from 'this end to that'.

Both the frogs lived in different worlds, though they lived so close by. One day, however, they both met. They tried to speak on common lines, but their conversation could not make much headway. They both talked different languages: the sea-frog spoke of vastness of the sea, the well-frog insisted on the 'vastness' of his well.

The sea-frog wondered and smiled, 'How could the well-frog compare his little well to the vast expanse of the ocean!' To him, even the very idea of it was ridiculous, or at the most, sheer amusement. 'The sea and a well, where is even the possibility of a comparison?' he pondered.

The well-frog on the other hand, wondered: 'How could there be anything larger, bigger, than my well? How could one trifle with the vastness of my well?' He surmised, after he heard the sea-frog describing the sea, that the sea-frog must be a little out of his mind, or else, how could he talk like that? Can a well have an equivalent, a match?

The sea-frog understood where the difficulty lay. But how could he convince his fellow frog of the existence of the sea? He pitied that his fellow frog never went out of his well, and had remained so small and narrow in his world-view.

The well-frog lived a cosy and protected life, but at times he felt something was missing in his life, though he could not figure out what it was. He had all that he needed, but there came to him, now and then, a desire to know if there was anything beyond his well. He often recalled the sea-frog's description of sea, something much bigger than his well. Many times he planned to undertake a journey, but rarely did his enthusiasm sustain. His desire to know what lay beyond lacked strength and steadiness.

Then, one day, he knew not how, he climbed out of his well, and began his journey towards the sea---the place of his dreams. What pushed him out of his well, and how he could manage to climb out, he could not understand, but he was happy he was out.

The journey to the sea, however, was far from being easy and smooth. He went along his path, but at times he slipped off the surface and at other times, his little feet got stuck in the sand. There were moments when he was not sure whether he was going in the right direction. It was a challenging experience---frightening and satisfying by turns. The journey was so long, arduous and tedious, that he wondered whether there was anything called the sea---until he reached the sea.

Having reached the seashore, he had nothing more to ask. He had no doubts, no enquiries, no complaints, no regrets.

He stood speechless; he knew the sea-frog was right.

deeni batti, naku em ardam aindo naku telidu... but neeku emanna ardam avutundi ani aasistunnanu ;)

Rumz said...

Manasa...hold on...why you emotional for such petty things?....As Ms.Neha rightly said...evaru emanukunte manaki enduku???...Don't worry if others don't understand you(Its their headache), Worry only if you dont understand others (Its your headache)...

All (readers of this blog, trespassers, commentators, I mean comment writers, author...whomsoever), Frog in a well anindi nenu Manasa ni...nakante mundu inkevaro kuda annaranta.....

But Manasa listen...may be for one small instance I felt a little that you were a Frog in a well...that doesnot mean that you really are one! And that should not make you think of what all you have blogged.
Agar meri galti ho tho krupaya maaf kijiye....aainda se aisi galti nahi hoyegi apun se....

Godbless all.. [:)]

Rumz said...

And and and....feel good. great that I commented. I never did I guess...cheerz..

Why So Serious?! said...

I liked the title "Frog Princess.."... was fooled by it, actually!!

shalu said...

HEHEHE...Nice one!!I think once in a yr we all get this stupid idea of evaluating the bygone yr...But then,sometimes i wonder...wat do we we really become the frog frm the sea...understanding the vastness of life?

But dear u keep up the good work....:)