Monday, January 19, 2009

senseless nonsense..!!..

Sometimes in life your computer and the network test your patience to the breaking point. You wait endlessly for the particular course to load.. but it just stays there, hung with a stupid ‘please wait’ plastered across its face, seemingly enjoying antagonizing u. You can either rant and rile in frustration, or just tell it to get lost and open a word n start scribbling away to glory.
I was thinking about the things i’d rather be doing instead of staring at my stupid monitor, and my flights of fantasy went places..

I’d like to be working as an apprentice under Sam Walton, the genius who started Wal-Mart for a few days. I’d thoroughly enjoy that. It’s amazing story, the building up of a retail empire from a dollar store. I want to be there in his initial days and watch that man envisioning the plans of huge expansions..

I’d also like to be present when the greatest epic of all times, the Mahabharata was being composed. Just to lay my eyes on the great sage who composed that extraordinary saga that the whole world respects.

One partly silly thing I thought was.. I’d like to arrange a meeting between Adolf Hitler and mother Teresa.. make them stay together for a while and see who influences whom!!

Among the hundreds of things I want to learn, one that popped into my mind right now is learning how to eat with chopsticks. I’m very curious how do those people manage to do that?? Specially rice! Ain’t it frustrating to do that? Or maybe that’s the idea! Make eating so complex that people will stay thin.. would be very helpful to me..i’ll try it out.. Can someone gift me a pair of chopsticks?

Some things going in my mind are dangerous to be put up on the net… I might be hunted down and killed before I can even shut down my system..

I also want to know some great truths about myself. Not who am I? or my purpose in this universe or some philosophical crap, (no.. I’m too smart 2 b a philosopher).. the stuff I want to know is more like why the hell can’t I get up early in the morning? Why do I postpone only the most important things? Why..why why only the last minute to do anything? Most importantly, when the hell will I finish that novel I started writing around five yrs back.. actually will I ever?????

Well this train of thoughts has to stop somewhere!

Last of all.. I want to meet Bill Gates in person and tell him how much I appreciate Microsoft Word and the wonderful way I’m using it.. to type out useless thoughts and post them in useless blogs that even I don’t give a damn about!


Kally said...

Hmmm..nonsense mein bhi thoda sense diktha hai !! keep thinking...

the dish antenna man =D said...

damn finally some insane thinker like me =) .... kudos nice posts keep em coming =D