Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Human divinity

How can one person influence thousands of minds? Not for a day or a week, but enough to make crowds of people to devote their entire lives for a particular cause? Such astounding power can only be attributed to something divine.

For ages man had been in the quest to find the philosopher’s stone, the magical element which can turn metal into gold. Well, there walked among us for 86 years, a living manifestation of the philosopher’s stone- the man who could turn a normal heart into a heart of gold, a heart full of compassion and care. While some people were engaged in useless debates regarding his “miracles”, others recognized his greatest miracle- transforming people- into better human beings, who contributed to the betterment of mankind, through devotion, discipline and service.

The extra-ordinary nature of life he lived can be witnessed in the tears millions worldwide were shedding after he ceased to be. Even I, who was a skeptic until very recently, was deeply disturbed by the news. It’s not everyday that such a great soul visits this earth.

Hopefully, we all can imbibe a little of his preaching and message, and, in our little ways, help the world. Start living a clean, good life. Strive each day to become a better human being.


Mr.Cheetah said...

Satya Sai Baba - Great God-man of India... Not with his magic, but with the social work he does..

May he Rest in Peace.

neha said...

I saw the videos and was sooo badlyy disturbed maani :'( RIP

abhiram said...

only thing we can pray is the Charity fund atleast should be utilized in a useful way making the use of most efficient & trusted people.