Monday, April 25, 2011

Klock.....tok- klock.......tok

How wide is the line which separates a fashionista from a geek? Are there any gaps in the line? Does that explain the set of us, who keep dancing on either side of it, from here to there?

I don’t wear make-up. Never get my hair “done” before going somewhere, except for that one disaster which left me looking like I was wearing a bad wig pasted flat across my scalp( in stark contrast to my wild messy tresses). I’ve been too lazy to bother about things like fashion and style.

However, things started changing sumwhere sometime. I started noticing the hot apparel, the gorgeous handbags, and the extra-ordinary hair-dos, when the exquisite creatures go klock-tok klock-tok in the malls. I started spending time ogling at the L’Oreal and Lakme stalls.Yea, been through these phases before. Random lipsticks and glosses and others shiny things bear testimony to this, lying discarded in my room, collecting dust, waiting for their inevitable destiny- the bin. And stilettos?, well.. my feet punish me cruelly if I ever dare to encase them in any sexy/beautiful high-heeled contraptions.

I was pulled into this mood again yesterday as I strolled around in a mall, waiting for a friend with whom I was to watch a movie. She was late by 45 mins, and while rambling, that sweet voice of shopping beckoned me again. But before the L’oreals or Pantaloons could lure me, a stronger voice called. If the former calls was pleasing, the latter one was a magnetic pull. Crossword… the magical land of books, the most delightful things on this planet.

And thus I went inside, wide-eyed, mesmerized and totally hooked.

Almost 40 mins later I left the place, carrying a bagful of books, which would not transform me from a bespectacled, plain-jane into a klock-tok fashionista, but would give me hours of happiness and escape into delightful little worlds.

Yes.. I’m a geek. Certified.


Mr.Cheetah said...

ok, if that's the word you say for what you did..Yes! you are supa dupa geek.

How can one expect a girl getting diverted from apparel??

Also, you are unique the way you are... Keep reading.. reading... reading, and writing(blogging) :)

P.S: This post is girly! :P

neha said...

huh plzz stopp spending maaaniii u already have a small lib in bang n a bigger version of that in hyd

├ęzra said...