Thursday, June 2, 2011


If you’ve spent a good time with someone, and have fond memories of them with you, talking to them can brighten up the darkest of your days....

After a horrendous local-train commute in scorching hot summer, having my toes stepped on by spiked heels of a wretched female, heckled by greedy auto guys, I reached office; and there I encountered a rude ill-mannered colleague. Tears of frustration were brimming in my eyes, when suddenly there was a ‘ping’ , and gmail flashed “Raghunath Sai says..”

My childhood buddy had pinged me just when I needed a friend. And then, for the first time that day, I smiled. As I continued to chat with my buddy-since-one-n-a-half-decade, the world was alright again.


neha said...

Thanks to internet for making us feel close to people even though they are not physically present near us :)

Mr.Cheetah said...

+1 Neha

Long live internet :)