Monday, July 4, 2011

Rain, auto and an evil grin :D

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I love the question " why haven't u updated your blog lately?"
It is soooo encouraging. Ppl want to hear my thoughts. :)

My blog may have only a few followers, but I'm proud to say they are all loyal supporters. Well except for a particular yawner, but I'm trudging on, refusing to let him deter me.

The monsoons have set in, and it's a wonderful time of the year. Pleasant, lazy and extremely delightful. The earthy smell, the splashing water drops, colorful umbrellas and lots of hot spicy junk food. But I've recently discovered that people on a diet can enjoy the rains too. Just replace the chat with chai, and the samosa with a salad. Throw in a slow song or two, and aaah , heaven!!

Yesterday evening, it also made me feel as smug as a cheshire cat. I was travelling in the city and it started raining heavily. It is good to get drenched, but not while you are stuck in a traffic jam. I was happily seated in an auto and it gave me a few moments of evil pleasure to look at 2 poor souls waiting irritatedly in discomfort while the rain poured down their necks. Ha ha! sometimes sitting in a mud-splattered dirty auto is better than an insanely-expensive sexy looking, red shiny bike.

Call it fate, but at that exact moment, my ipod sang.. " ab ke saawan , aise barse..."


Mr.Cheetah said...

Nice thoughts!!
Earthy smell is what I too love the most during monsoons :)

I will Replace the salad with Hot and Spicy Mirchi :D Nothing can beat it.

Rumz said...

You should have got down the damn auto and walked back home..