Sunday, October 23, 2011

The first time..

The first time..

While lazily munching on a burger at McDonalds, I thought about the first time I had a burger. I remember that I absolutely hated the taste. I like them now, though. Actually I had a burger-addiction 3 months back, and I’m still paying for it on the treadmill. Sigh!

This apparently random thought, made me think of other ‘Firsts’.

The First time I was on an aeroplane. It was a decade ago or so, and I remember being super-excited about it. However, the first half an hour was wasted in trying to put on my seat-belt.

The other time was when I played in snow for the first time. It was at Rohtang pass, and it still is one of the best places I’ve visited. It was a fantastic sight, looking at the snow-covered peaks, stepping into the white, white world. Being bundled up against the freezing tempeature, with my breath coming out in wisps of white. But you know what? The snow isn’t as soft as it looks, specially when you fall flat into it, face-first.

I also remember the first time I was at a beach. I was fascinated to see so much water! And that fascination still continues after all these years. The eternal rhythm of the waves – I could go on watching it for hours. Oh how I long to go on a cruise and spend days just floating away on the sea.

A lot of other thoughts came rushing to me, but the best was the incredible feeling of having a crush – the heady rush, the grin that doesn’t leave your face, the hot flush on your face when you look at that special someone. The best part is, this wonderful feeling isn’t restricted to the first crush! 

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neha said...

The 1st tym you came home all by urself from work by walk :P :P