Monday, November 28, 2011

Everything happens for a Blog!!!

For an ardent blogger,(be it a casual blogger like me, writing about random everyday happenings, or someone who blogs for a purpose, like Seth Godin, who gives economic-gyan for lesser mortals like us) – life is nothing but a blog waiting to be written.

I have a crazy bus ride, or I take a walk in the rain,or spend New Year’s day in the airport, waiting for a delayed flight- anything happens and the cogs of my brain are working furiously, structuring sentences, with search-engine like crawlers looking up anecdotes and pertinent trivia in remote corners of my brain. The result, most of the time is a blog post. Some other times, laziness wins the battle, and the words are dumped into the vacuum called ‘nothing’.

It’s a good thing, being hooked to blogging- u never get bored!! Your brain’s constantly writing something. Even in the worst of troubles, you are somehow detached, as the words form a cushioning impact. As if you’re seeing stuff that’s happening to you from an outside perspective- kinda philosophical. Funny things are funnier, stupid people crazier, and mundane things interesting.

Hmm.. I wonder if it’ll render me autistic – u kno, inability to react to situations normally – sumthing like that dude in ‘My name is Khan’.. nyways, it’ll be worth the trouble if I start using the money making blogger tool AdSense… Alas, in this case, laziness wins!!!

Bloggers of the world- do you agree with idea put forth in the title of this post??


├ęzra said...

and then there are readers who for their pleasure just wish the above blogger,however crazy she is, just shakes off laziness and writes as often as possible.

Rumz said...

How I wish there was a "like" button in here? ...just to like ezra's comment.