Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stay young!!

I’ve been wondering what was missing from my life. Why was I feeling so listless recently. There was a feeling of lethargy. I had no serious problems, I was happy, I was fine. But there was a vague discomfort.

And today evening, while travelling in a super-crowded bus in the infamous Bangalore traffic, hanging on to a metal rod for dear life, I realized what it was. I was missing being young!!

I’ve been working from home for a long time now. Timely food, limitless sleep, the luxury and comfort of sitting at home, turned me into this creature of comfort. Even the little travel I did take, I made comfort my priority. I grew averse to even a little trouble. And too much of comfort is sickening!! It makes u old. Laziness creeps into your body and soul, and you can never be happy, as you don’t do anything anymore!

Today, after a long time, I resisted. Resisted the urge to do the easy thing. Waited for over 40 mins for a bus, traveled in a super crowded bus, standing halfway through the journey, and halfway sitting on the engine, while people trampled on my feet every 5 mins. And I felt soo young!! I had missed the feeling of being able to tolerate discomfort, missed hanging on to a rod, trying not to lose balance, missed the sudden smile that crept on my face, even in the midst of mayhem, when my favorite song started playing through my ear-phones.

Though my right arm is still sore, I’m thinking of the driver laughing at my attempts to put together a sentence in Kannada; the smile I exchanged with a total stranger standing next to me, when both of us were laughing at a loud-mouth aunty yelling on her phone; and the foul words which came into my head in all 3 languages that I know, whenever someone trampled on my feet. I’m feeling alive!

Bottom line- “kick your comfort zone once in a while, to stay young and be happy”.

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