Thursday, December 8, 2011

Warning - Blogger posted this in a bad mood..

Well when I’m sad about something, I talk to people. I did. Were the people inconsiderate? No. did they talk to me? Yes. Were they there for me? Yes. Did it help? No… am I still sad? Hell yes.

And now I’ve run out of people. My biggest source of comfort is asleep, and the other people, well they tried the best they could. So now I thought I’ll talk to the whole world. Well at least the part of the world with internet. So here I go..

I’m super duper sad!!! No the depressing tears-n-all kinda loser sad. Just a whiny sort of juvenile sad. The kind where you don’t really feel like doing anything. Eating yes, but I have made a huuuge promise not to eat for emotional reasons. Stupid promises!!

I tried another thing, watching re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. sorta made me sadder. All that coffee they drink… But yes, the last episode when everyone’s crying.. that made me feel better. No, I’m not a sadist, it’s just that I took comfort from the fact that it happens to everyone. It’s ok.

And I’ll be ok too. I have a low emotional capacity (ThankGod!!) I can’t feel sad about anything for too long. I’ll get over it. Hope it’s soon.. I’m totally intolerant of sorrow. It wrecks more damage in my head than an average human. I become this hyper-active aggressive creature, that’s not fun to be with (in stark contrast to my usual ‘joy-to-be-around’ self)

In case you continued reading this post to find out what was wrong with me.. haahaa!! Like I’ll tell you, you stranger reading this blog…

And if you really are a stranger reading my blog, thank you!! It’s the no. of pageviews in the stats column that can cheer me up…


anil said...

Chill, evrythng gonna b alri8 :)

Mr.Cheetah said...

Your post reminds me the quote : Sadness flies away on the wings of time (or) time heals everything..

So, what ever it is that's bothering you, don worry about it - it will vanish with time..

Being sad alone is the stupidest thing one with friends could ever do .. Sharing always has doubt effect, decreases sadness and increases happyness (Y intended)

Always remember WE! 'is' there for you :)