Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happiness Being happy – it’s a song in your heart, a smile of ur soul, a skip in ur step

This festive season, I’ve learnt a new dimension to this wonderful word. Happiness – it’s in being with your family, being there for your family, and it’s in knowing that they are there for you too.. When everyone in your family is happy and healthy and cheerful – you don’t know the value of it until that is lost for a while and you gain it back. It’s only after a few ripples shake your boat, that you truly enjoy a smooth sail. This year, I wouldn’t have traded the hugs I gave my family for any wild, happening party.

Happiness is in getting your prayers answered. It’s a wonderful joy to know that God loves you back. To know that a guardian angel is watching out for you, that you can step into the future assured that you’ll be caught even if your steps falter.

Happiness is sharing – making someone else happy, the joy of giving. Spending time with little kids, knowing you are making a difference in their lives. Sometimes playing Santa… this reminds me - When I was a little kid, about 4-5 yrs old, there was this old man, who used to come every evening to the little park where all of us kids played, and gave us a chocolate each. Every evening, day after day, he would be there, getting chocolates out of his bag, and putting them into eager little hands. Every Christmas, when I hear about Santa, I think of him. I still remember the sweet smile on his face, when we used to gather around him, chirping away. I can now understand his happiness.

Happiness is love – the strong binding love of ur family, the cheerful warm love of your friends, the rosy blush of your first love, the silent commitment of ever-lasting love, and sometimes even the sweet memories of a love lost.

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