Friday, March 2, 2012

Here we go again ..

Remember the scene from the movie ‘The Mummy’ where Brendan Fraser ( the love of my life when I was at school) says with considerable dread “Here we go again” when they reach Hamunaptra, the city of the dead?? I felt the same when I reached the dentist’s clinic. The place of pain, screams and sharp instruments that poke around in your mouth. I went in, and the receptionist showed me in aftr a torturous wait of half an hr. I walked in, and was shocked. The girl who used to assist the dentist, had now been promoted and was the dentist now. And her inexperience showed. I went coz a small piece of my tooth had chipped off, and there was a definite hole. I told her to fill it up. It took her around ten minutes to find it. And meanwhile she was trying to convince me that there was no cavity. Finally, she saw that and said “ it’s so tiny and in an inaccessible place. Let’s leave it.. won’t matter”. Now, after undergoing THREE root-canal surgeries, and having gotten 2 cavities filled, I am kind of a dental expert. I have this calcium deficiency thing and this causes dental probs on a frequent basis. Brushing twice a day, rinsing everytime I eat and all that doesn’t help. I’m doomed. I said “fill it up.. it will become a problem later on”. Now ppl, remember- Never ever ignore a cavity, whatever a stupid inexperienced dentist might say. Get it filled up. I went to the dreaded chair, and got into position – jaws open wide, as if in a silent scream. The actual screams would follow. Experienced dentists would know that it isn’t easy for people to sit still and open their mouths, when you are holding such sharp instruments. We get scared, we close out mouths. Of course. The drill comes near, and the mouth closes. Normally dentists expect that. The ones who treat me, always schedule the session with buffer time. This lady one was new. Started getting frustu. That didn’t help. The more agitated she got, the more scared I was. After an agonizing quarter hour, it was done, and I stopped praying and was about to get off, when she said, it’s been 6 months since you came, so get scaling done. It won’t hurt, she promised. “yea right!” she started, and I spat blood three times! She kept cutting my gums. When I complained, she came up with the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. “There’s bad blood in gums. It’s better if it comes out”. I wanted to ask her, “do you deliberately cut your gums every month to get the “bad blood” out?” And for heaven’s sake, use the damn suction and don’t make me sit up and spit every 10 seconds. I know I look like a person who could use a few ab-crunches, but this is neither the place, nor the time. Some pray for riches, others pray for love, but I? I pray for dental health. Amen.

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neha said...

Bingo the same thing happened to me when I went to meet a dental guy, he's been postponing filling up a cavity of mine from past 3 years saying its small it doesn't matter:-|