Tuesday, March 13, 2012

talk it out..

Just sitting and talking to someone can make such a difference. Especially when they have faced, or are facing the same situation as you. Talking about the possible solutions feels as if the problem is already being solved. The utter hopelessness reduces and u feel like it is ok .. even though the reality may be far from the truth.

It’s always good to talk it out with people who matter. (But before you do that, make sure you matter to that person too. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for some really shitty stuff.) There’s always someone, or some people who’ll want to listen to you, no matter how crappy, or how repetitive your problems might be. They’ll listen not as an obligation, but because they really care about what you’re going through. Figure out who those person/ people are in your life, and when you do, cherish them. They are very special, and bask in the glory of the awareness that they are there for you, even when life is not so good.

Having people who care, might not solve any problems and might not be a quick-fix in anyway, but it definitely makes life a lot better. Makes you stronger to go face a problem or tackle a challenge.

You’re more willing to try and scale that wall, when you know there’s a cushion to fall back on.. Just In Case.

PS : some cushions are subject to wear and tear.. or might just decide to get up and walk out. Beware. It Hurts! in the wrong places when u fall without looking back.


Anonymous said...

I should not, but I must, tell you that I disagree. Just shifting the point of focus from solving the current problem does not change anything. The thing which changes when you talk it out to someone, is that it gives you a bit of a morale boost. But that is temporary. I have learnt over the years and I have read it in so many books that something that does not come from inside, just does not last. We,as humans, look problem right in the eye even when it looks scary and solve problems on our own.
But I do not blame you. You are a young woman and conceptions undergo change and this is kind of like evolution. I thought like you some time back, but things change I guess :) Good luck !

Indolent Insomniac said...

Well, I agree with you on some level, I guess. because I, too, believe that when a problem is shared it is half solved.
It doesn't really matter to whom you speak out to. At least, not to me. I could share my most intimate problem with a total stranger much better than I could with a friend.
But then again, to every man himself, I guess.
Keep Blogging!