Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rise and shine..

It’s immensely gratifying when you wake up and look out of the window and find a Gulmohar tree in all its fiery splendour. The tree in its full bloom is a riot of color. My eyes opened wide to drink in the beauty and a cool breeze put a big smile on my face. Seriously, waking up early is a wonderful gift I give myself.

During those calm leisurely hours, everything is pleasant. No matter what is happening with my life, no matter what kind of people are there in it, the world is still beautiful. In that I find my peace. And my strength. Every thought I have at that time, is as serene as a prayer and as bright as sunshine. The little walk I have under the canopy of lush green trees, is a little therapeutic session gently erasing bits of unwanted past, and readying me for a fresh new day.

And when the day starts on such a good note, it’s bound to be good! 

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