Monday, June 4, 2007


i thought it wasn't happening. i thought i could write no more...

i was so caught up in other things, mostly unimportant, that i stopped paying attention to myself. i stopped reading for pleasure, and orkut scraps n a few e-mails to friends was all i did in d name of writing, and poetry disappeared from life... i kinda started to feel half-dead.

my vacation started and i finally had time to feel again. one day i found a scrap in my orkut scrapbook saying my blogs were gud. Thr have been others who've complemented me on my blogs, but then i had actually asked them abt them n was staring at their faces expectantly at the time, so dat duznt really count, does it?

anyways, i feel quite encouraged .. so i'm gonna go 'blog blog blog' for some days from now

the blogger is back!!!

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