Wednesday, June 6, 2007

a pleasure beyond compare

" To sit alone in the lamplight with a book before you, and hold intimate conversation with men of unseen generations - such is a pleasure beyond compare."
kenko yoshida

i don't know who this person is, but i feel the same way about books. the pleasure really is beyond compare- the pleasure of holding a book, and finding in its pages new worlds, meeting new people and sharing their joys, thinking their thoughts; the pleasure of setting your imagination free and conjuring up the worlds and making them real!!

as anne lammot says, it is a miracle that out of these small squares of paper unfolds world after world after world; worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet you or totally excite you. the best thing about these worlds is that they 're open to us forever, whenever we may choose to enter, though they may present themselves more delightfully each time. a perfect retreat from the real world when needed.

for me, it all started from the comic book 'chacha choudhary'. remember that red turban and that silly line- 'his mind works faster than a computer' or something? yeah, seems unbelievably goofy now, but dat was what i started reading with. then graduated to Enid Blyton. When i entered my teens, i got interested in boys. dont get me wrong, i mean the Hardy Boys books. it was a series of books about two teen detectives, joe ( i had a major crush on him all through my schooling years) and frank. it was in school that i became almost greedy about books.

for sometime after that sidney sheldon held my interest. then came many others, micheal crichton, isaac asimov, jeffrey archer, the so-famous dan brown, david gibbins (quite recently), our very own chetan bhagat, and others.. i previously detested non-fiction, but later read pretty cool ones - Fish!, Who Moved My Cheese, rich dad poor dad, the books of d personality dev. guru dale carnegie......

but of course, nothing delights me as much as the harry potter books. i'm still as much in love wid harry as i was 4-5 yrs back. when the 6th part was released, my dad sent it through post, and i still remember the look on the poor postman's face when i actually yelled with delight!

i'm gonna end it here (finally!) . i have to get back to the classics i've stocked up. currently i'm travelling the world with the formidable mr.Fogg in 'around the world in 80 days'. later i shall be staying at the 'wuthering heights' for a while.

u go get a book and get lost in it too.
happy reading!


sarah said...

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It's great fun and free!

avinash said...

dont give her des mad mad sites whe will go berserk...abhi hi patha nahi kya kya logics baath karthi hai