Tuesday, January 22, 2008

early morning nonsense..

When I woke up this morning.. it was just another day.. d usual coffee, music and the “I don’t feel like going 2 college” struggle within my head. But when I finally got outside, all I could do was stare… the fog, or mist( I dunno d difference) was soo thick that my usually plain world had an eerie, ethereal look. Something from my fantasy-infested mind said-“sumthing’s going to happen today!”.
I woke up fully and looked around. The scene was just perfect-like straight out of a Harry potter movie, or a Sherlock Holmes story. I conjured up this image of Sherlock in a long billowing coat, stealthily moving down a shady London road, in a similar mist. WHY do the best things in life have to be fictious??
I wanted to turn down some winding lane and just amble about, purposelessly, waiting for something to happen.. or enter that dilapidated “haunted” house nearby just for d heck of it. I’ve been dying to take a look inside it, but some boring, prudent part of my brain said it’d rather remain dying to enter, than enter and die! Whatever..
My mind thus weaving in and out of foolish fantasies, I boarded my college bus and was jerked back into reality. No Sherlock, nothing unusual, just d same faces and the same old mundane chatter..”seen dat movie?” ..”wow! dats quite a hunk!”..umm well ..i shrugged off the foggy thoughts and sat down..”yeah, he’s cute, but he’d look a lot more ‘you know what’ in blue!!”…..



ok!! miss watson!!!:)life doesnt always turn heads when you call for tails :)...remember my dear ,you dont need a "MISTY DAY" , for a perfect adventure!!!all you need is a bit of ill luck and a broken fate!!! ;)
so, wait and let ur destiny play a false die.. you'l surely b thrilled then!!!:)

"ALL THE WORST"!!!!"BEST HALF LUCK" (you need the other half of it to live through the adventure anyways...and Dracula is not a good man i tell you ;) )

kiddin le gani,that was an interesting post ma :)!!!!!!

prodigycynic said...

"If when dreams corrupt...
Do I end up in a fantasy??"
May be u must have a good nite's sleep.. or may be u should savvy those mohican warrior instincts... or what ever it takes.

kewl.. just ignore this midnight nonsense.. but after reading this post im into "gimme those days back" syndrome..

"but some boring, prudent part of my brain said it’d rather remain dying to enter, than enter and die! Whatever.. "
Ur Imagination is too sharp.. U need not enter tht house to die. Take my wrds. :)

waiting 4 more posts like this.