Thursday, January 24, 2008

ok, i admit -my memory sucks!

When the mind stretches to a new level, it never goes back to its original dimension. Never mind who said this, but when it does, I think there might be some tears in the fabric, causing some facts to leak out of the brain. Ok, this is a mad theory I cooked up to defend the bare truth that my memory sucks! And this lack of retention thing has lead to some embarrassing, some funny and some downright bizarre situations in my life.

Some people complain that they have a poor memory for names. And some whine that they don’t remember faces. My case is a little weird- I remember both, but not the link between them! It’s like-“I know you, but can u please tell me where do I know you from?”. .This very thing happened today morning. A guy came up to me and said “hi manasa!. Though I flashed a big smile and said “hi”, something about my face told him the truth. He gave this nasty look-“so u don’t remember me?” and walked away.. ‘uh-oh!’. Five minutes later, i get it. He was someone whom i met just a few days back and made friends with.

And then there are these far-off relatives who turn up and say “ do you recognize me? Come-on, tell me who I am..” I’m giving this really stupid smile and a blank expression which is positively shouting ‘I don’t know you!!’ , but they still keep waiting with an expectant smile for aeons. I know, it must have happened to you too!

A few weeks back, there was a classic case of ‘foot-in-the-mouth’. I was talking to a friend and had just received a taunt about my poor memory. Somewhere in the conversation, he was talking about his bike and I said “hey you own a Karizma, right? See..i do have a good memory!”. He laughed for about a minute and told me-“yeah right! But I call my bike CBZ extreme.” Oops…

Well well well, I’m not a dunce, I do know stuff. I just belong to the ‘Sherlock school of thought’. I don’t know the exact dialogue, but he says something like –“I remember only the things which are of use to me. Rest all facts can be dumped out”.

But then, I also remember all the obscure, funny dialogues from some movie called ‘bheja fry’ I saw ages back. “it’s ringing!” remember that??
hmm so the conclusion? go figure!


ganti said...

hey mannu, it was nice to read n digest ur blog...may b coz its short n sweet... since ur memory sucks i dont xpect a really long boring blog.. neways tc b4 u turnup like a ghajini one day !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it looks as if u have written wat im going through .:p

manasa said...

thanks, but gajini?? no way!! ;)

@anonymous: okies, by y being anonymous, huh? i'd like 2 kno ur name!