Wednesday, February 6, 2008

a little something..

I wrote something on my bus journey to college this morning..

To float away with the clouds
In swirling, twirling blues
To shine above like the sun
Drop down like the rain too!

To splash about like the waves,
In an eternal swing;
To shriek like the wind
At the dance of spring!

To be a happy cheer on those lips,
On wonder on that brow;
To be the darkness of night
Or the hues of a rainbow!

To soar away like an eagle,
To fly away so free;
Just for a little while
To get away from ME!!!


Gaurav Sharma said...

MAn!!! You should buy a bus...yeahh..u that u keep travelling and such good work keep coming;)...awesome...!!Nice blog...!!keep it up!

manasa said...

thanks gaurav!!
well i don't need 2 buy a bus, i do enough traveling already.. :)
but i'll try n keep postin more of my traveling musings..

yasmeen said...

really manasa....coolll...........i din knw "chaala matter undi".........