Wednesday, February 11, 2009

this n that..

Life’s a little upside down at the moment. Things I expected aren’t happening and unexpected things are comin crashing down my head. Ok, now don’t say philo crap like “that’s how life is” n all, coz that would piss me off!!

Nyways, amidst all this, there are some things that have caught my attention and some random observations I have made.

1. Listening to mad music can be a real stress buster. Better still, listen to mad rock and then some devotional music in between.. u’ll feel so good.. try “lollipop” by Li’l wayne, “crank that” by Soulja boy n my current favorite “take u there’ by Sean Kingston.

2. There are some people who genuinely care about the environment and all that pollution thingy.- there was a greenathon being aired on NDTV where Milind Soman and some people in disgusting green jackets were running for 24 hrs non stop and funds were being raised for some environmental issues.

On a serious note, I guess we should all do our bit for the nature- save water and electricity for instance. Some wise guy said

“ We treat this world of ours as if we had a spare one in the trunk”.

Well we don’t, so lets all start acting more responsibly. Don’t leave taps open and switch electric appliances when ur not using them. Spread this message across, coz u can (and should) make a difference.

3. I have a wonderful support system and people really care about me, but their patience is not inexhaustible, so guess it’s time I shut up and start dealing with things on my own.

4. I read in some newspaper about this person ( name forgotten) who got a huge house built for just 1.6 lakh rupees. He got stone slabs from a building which was being demolished, got steel frames for windows from an automobile scrap yard or something and the remaining materials in a similar fashion for dirt cheap prices.

What a genius!!

I’ve started thinking about ‘how to save money’. Gimme ideas if u have any!

5. Cupid is stupid!
I’ve seen so many people falling for the wrong person these days and having breakups.
Well, I’m lucky coz I’m sensible and immune to cupid.
( I guess that’s what all of us single people state with the V-day around the corner ;) )

6. A craving for chocolate can not be satisfied by anything else. So don’t make ur life miserable trying to fight the temptation, go buy that chocki..

Enough of my observations, now u go n think of ways to have more fun in life..
If u r having a wonderful time already, go think of ways you can make someone else’s life better..

Spread the cheer!!


Mr.Cheetah said...

Hey manasa, i want u to buy me "Learn English in 30 Days!" asap!, its becoming hard task for me to understand your posts day by day!

anyways.. u said

Ok, now don’t say philo crap like “that’s how life is” n all, coz that would piss me off!!

but i say, We got to accept this kindof crap in some situations..

Few things and random observations of u are pretty gud, coz those are similar to mine :D

1. Listening to Mad music and some pleasent music (not N O T devotional) is really a stress buster! I listen LP tracks like Numb, Faint, Bleed it out..and BSB numbers like Never Gone, Quit Playing games.. to overcome my stress feeling.

2. About the Greenathon thing, i hadnt heard abt it, but am trying personally to motivate ppl to Go Green - u can chk signature of my mails

3. SHUT UP!!! i really didnt understood, what u wrote here

4. Buy a piggy bank, and start saving kid!!

5. No comments!

6. GO for sneakers

to add more fun in life...

1. Dance when ever u feel like..

Oh Zara Kamar Ko Aaise Ghumana, Oh Jaise Hawa Mein Aath Banana
Le ban gaya step Soniye, Tu Ban gaya hep Soniye
Woh banda he Kya hai, Jho naache na gaaye

I was actually listening to this song right now.. so got this in mind!

2. Use Airtel connection efficiently.. call me when ever u feel like :)

3. Do social service, atleast once in 3 months! and wait for the next chance of doing eagerly.

4. Gift choclates to kids near ur house...i will accept only BIIG choclates

5. Stop calling Cupid is Stupid! None is immune to cupid, just wait for the D-Day/V-Day

prastutaniki ive... malli eppudu em cheppali anipinchinda, ikkada comment add chestu untanu...

Dont mind!!!

the dish antenna man =D said...

woow awesome man...dt ws kinda cool post..i must say wise crap...well ur post got out some conservationist in me..and therefore..ive decided to start my bit from now..." save water take no bath =D "...n den abt cupid i seriously got offended... X( ...that guy is so awesome,hes such a great personality..who works for microsoft in hyd ..

manasa said...

@dish antenna man..
who's this microsoft cupid??

thanx 4 ur comment.. :)