Saturday, April 17, 2010

morning hues..

The Masai tribe-
They say these people can arise from the deepest slumber to a state of battle readiness! When I read about them , I felt they were super-human. No human being can achieve that feat!
When I wake up from a night’s sleep (let alone a deep slumber) I wake up completely blank and blissfully oblivious to everything.

And God forbid, if I ever wake up before 6 am, I have a classic “ Mai kaun hu, mai kahaa hu” moment. I feel disoriented and completely clueless. I keep sleep-walking like a zombie, trying not to crash into walls and trying unsuccessfully not to stub my toes.. Even a hot bath can't make me feel human and when I dress up, I need to triple-check that I don’t have my dress on backwards.. And it takes quite a while before I can remember names and recognize people.

Actually, dawn is quire beautiful. i.e. if you are awake enough to appreciate it. The cool morning wind caressing your face and blowing in your hair. The sky above so beautiful in a dash of hues. A crimson ball of fire peeking out from amidst pink and purple clouds.. Watching the sun turn gradually into a bright orange (a color which sumhow I find really ugly) and then into a cheerful, resplendent yellow. This brings a smile to your face and you feel that life is wonderful!

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Mr.Cheetah said...

I know you and your laziness ;).. now whole world will know.. at least who read this blog :P
Nice write up! Keep it up ;) (nice rhyme, one more time)

and dawn is not just quite beautiful, its damn beautiful.. coz it lasts few min's long than early sunrise.. and gives me nice silhouettes, I'm stupid not to capture all of them...