Wednesday, April 7, 2010

an aftrnoon with national geographic..

Why?? How??

I was astounded as I lay on my couch one Saturday afternoon, as I saw this guy (Austin Stevens ) making his way into a dark cave in some rainforest, a place teeming with flies, lizards, hundreds of insects and goodness knows what. And he was there, chasing a snake! And when he found it, he started playing with it, cradling it in his hands. Eugh!!

If I saw even a cockroach anywhere near me, I’d jump onto the nearest chair, table, person, whatever, to get away from it.

And this dude, was voluntarily venturing into all these abominable place, teeming with awful creepy-crawlies! Yet I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen as I watched a different world- an undisturbed , fresh world blissful in its serene existence.

He waded into a shallow river to pick up a turtle and held it up for the camera, and the shy thing ducked its head deep into its shell. Was so funny.. The narrator said it must be around 50 years old! Imagine! 50 years of just silently wading through water, ceaselessly gliding by, in endless silence. I was wondering, how come it didn’t die of boredom!!

I’d previously thought/felt that it was wrong for humans to poke our noses into the world of flora and fauna, specially when I saw him wrench off a poor unsuspecting snake from a tree and forced it to open its jaws to show its incredible teeth to us folks resting happily in front of the TV screens. It kinda felt wrong to bother these creatures.

But when I thought of the turtle, I felt it was good that these creatures were getting a few minutes of break from the mundane-ness continuum of ceaseless existence.

And finally, feeling super glad and (supremely smug) for being human, I switched the TV off to get on with my life.

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