Wednesday, April 28, 2010

quick tips..

When you are overwhelmed with a lot of work, dunno where to start, do this simple thing:

Take a paper, not just any scrap, a proper one, jot down the things u need to do, rate them based on their priority (how soon u need them to be done). It always helps to know exactly how much work you have.

After you've done the most urgent one, hit the hardest, ugliest task , which you'd tend to push away and then sit on it till u get it done. (ideal time for this would be mornings). As Brian TRacy says, "eat your frog!". Once the frog(the nasty job) gets out of your plate, you'll feel like doing the rest. There'll be a great increase in your levels of enthusiasm.

Gather all the things required.. all the follow-up emails, excel sheets, inputs from others, etc. before you start the work. This will help you finish it sooner.

After you complete each job, cross it out(prefereably in red ink). Trust me, it feels so good to cross each thing off!!

Take breaks once in a while.. Go have coffee, listen to a great song, check out any cute faces around you, practise your pick-up lines, blog, read my blogs.. wateva..

Reward yourself for every disciplined act you perform. No suggestions here.. do whatever works for you!!

gud luck!


Mr.Cheetah said...

Nice post and yea.. all these works!... only if we know what exactly we have to do.
Don't expect one will know what all to do when he/she is in frustration or mad on TL/PM ;)

"Eat your frog" concept works always, at least for me :D
One won't find it difficult if the most difficult job is already done with success.

Just pat yourself once you are done with each job...
I myself say "Chaitu ga nuvu kev ra"... and you can imagine how I smile at myself.. :D

Of all your posts, this is different Manasa, useful and helpful post... keep it up :)

Rider on the storm said...
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neha said...

:) i do dis.......write it down daily on the notes present in google toolbar n keep chkin my lappy if i hav done :)