Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book Review - Book of Miracles

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I received the ‘Book of Miracles’ at the time when I was myself hoping for one.

While I was sitting in prayer asking for help from above, I received a book which talks about answered prayers with stories of divine intervention. This in itself was a sign from above. I read story after story of miracles, of faith bearing fruit; and I experienced a sense of peace easing my unrest and a silent strength building up in my heart. This book is fantastic.

It has 101 stories each sent by a separate individual, who narrates the tale of experiencing the presence of a higher power in their lives. These experiences have helped people to strengthen their belief in God, and in some cases, have even turned atheists to believers. These stories are bound to have an impact on the readers too, making them re-think their own experiences and perhaps see them in a difference light. Whether they have a change of heart is an uncertain possibility, but I can say, with a definite amount of conviction that it surely will provide a feel-good to read these stories.

The book comprises twelve parts, each having 8-10 stories having a common underlying theme. The parts ‘ Signs From Above’, ‘His Messenger’, and ‘Everyday Miracles’ talk about incidents which can either be brushed off as mere coincidences, or can be pondered upon as significant occurrences. These little messages or flashed of intuition caused major things to happen in the lives of these people – even saving lives in some cases.

Then there are other parts dedicated to the power of prayers. Stories of how God answered their prayers, coming to their aid at the right time; saving them and their loved ones. Unforgettable memories where they felt the divine presence beside them. I thoroughly enjoyed the supernatural element in some of the stories, which can be enjoyed as a read, even by the most skeptical and the cynical of readers.

The most touching stories however, were those about signs from beyond the grave. Tales of how loved ones sent messages and love after they had left the world. Though they are no more, their love lingers around their dear ones.I know this to be true, as I have a guardian angel too.

If the earlier paragraphs in this post have led you to believe that it’s a serious and heavy book, I must tell you that it’s not so. Though the issue dealt with is a serious one, some of the writers have put it in a way that is sure to make you smile, even elicit a giggle. What adds to the delight in reading the book is the crisp language and the wonderful style of writing. The editors have apparently done a wonderful job in compiling it, carefully picking out stories, and tastefully arranging them. In light of this, I’m prepared to ignore the few stories that just made me yawn, and somehow didn’t really go with the theme of the book.

Lastly, I can only repeat what Albert Einstein said “ you can live your life as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle.” So go read this book and make your decision.

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