Monday, January 16, 2012

Dawn Drama

Dawn is a beautiful, magical time. We are seldom awake enough to appreciate its beauty, though.

These days, it’s more beautiful than ever. So beautiful that it inspires the super-lazy me to change, pull on those sneakers, and step out into the cold, cold morning. I didn’t take my earphones along, as I wanted to hear the sound of nature. What I heard however, was the angry honking of the passing vehicles, as people rushed around in their early-morning scramble. I was determined to get away from the noise and walked on and on, lane into lane until I chanced upon a lonely area. Aah! Here was bliss. The heaven I had sacrificed the warmth of my room for. It was quiet, except for the rustling of leaves in the wind, the crackling of twigs under my feet, and an occasional call of a bird.

There were a few houses, here and there. All of them empty and in a dilapidated condition – abandoned. And in one of the garden sheds, there were two cars – all rusted and covered with cobwebs. Now, abandoned houses have always fascinated me – it feels like there’s some story behind them, a mystery of sorts. Wonder what happened that made the owners leave in a hurry? A tragedy, or some mafia story?

This is what happens when you grow up reading mystery novels. Nothing is mundane anymore. Your imagination goes into a overdrive, and there’s something interesting in everything; and your supposed “brisk-walk” turns into a languid strut. A few steps further, I saw a super-old, big house, with a window, having a glass pane broken. I was itching to go peer into it and see what’s inside.

I took a few steps closer, and suddenly realized that it was Friday, and the date was actually the 13th. That was it. I could suddenly sense Jason lurking behind every bush, and the peaceful silence and the solitude suddenly appeared ominous and dangerous. I ran back into civilization as fast as I could.

I had stepped out looking for a rendezvous with nature, smelt adventure when there was none, got spooked unnecessarily, and ran home looking extremely silly. But hey, I got my exercise, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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